How well are you managing your restaurants food waste?

How well are you managing your restaurants food waste?

ArticlesPosted on 28th March 2013

It’s not just unnecessary food waste that you may be throwing out…it might as well be your restaurants profit too!

How well are you managing your restaurants food waste?

No one likes to see good food go to waste, but no one likes to be undersold a small portion of food either. Getting the right portion size is important to customers, but what does it mean to your food costs and what other factors are there contributing to avoidable food waste?

For every meal consumed in the UK, almost half a kilo of food waste is generated through preparation, leftovers and spoilage. That equates to costs of about £1,800 for every tonne produced of, what is essentially avoidable, food waste! 1

Research has shown that if a restaurant with a weekly turnover of £10,000 made just a 20% reduction in its food waste it could save at least £2000 a year. The breakdown of avoidable food waste may come as no surprise. 65% is generated through preparation, 30% is returned uneaten from customers and 5% is a result of food spoilage. All of these are areas where food waste can be reduced with better management and control. 2

With some simple changes, businesses can make great savings and enhance restaurant profits, whilst at the same time contributing to long-term sustainability and enhancing their corporate social responsibility. With 78% of people believing that how food waste is managed is just as important as where ingredients come from when they dine out, this is an area restaurants cannot afford to neglect. 3

Our consultants can help you implement these cost effective and efficient changes in to your kitchen and restaurant. Get in touch to find out more.

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