Customer complaints - the true impact on your hospitality business

Customer complaints - the true impact on your hospitality business

ArticlesPosted on 11th July 2012

Receiving just a single customer complaint is only the tip of the iceberg, the true impact on your hospitality or catering business is much wider.

Customer complaints - the true impact on your hospitality business

Everyone will have had an unsatisfactory experience within a business at some time; poor service in a restaurant, an uncomfortable nights sleep in a hotel etc. If you have ever had a similar issue, did you make a customer complaint, or did you just decide to leave quietly and never return?

On average, receiving 1 customer complaint usually equates to 26 other unhappy customers who didn’t complain to you about your business. All of these people are likely to tell 10 others about their experience. That means for every one complaint you receive, 270 people may have heard bad things about your business!

Combining the time, effort and costs associated in attracting new business, getting new customers in to your business is far more expensive than retaining the ones already familiar with your products and services. It is therefore essential that management and customer facing teams are well equipped to effectively handle customer complaints and issues.

cena can assist your teams in developing the skills and knowledge to successfully deal with issues and complaints raised by your clients. From creating awareness on the impact of complaints and improving effective communication skills, through to developing successful solutions, cena can equip your team to turn dissatisfied customers in to future advocates of your business, promoting the strengths of your service instead of an isolated failure.

Did you know that customer who has their complaint successfully resolved is likely to spread positive comments about your business to 5 others!

From identifying customer satisfaction and developing service strategies, to providing customer service and complaint resolution training, we can help you make the most from your customer relationships. We specialise in working with restaurants, hotels, bars, caf├ęs and catering businesses, however our customer service training covers the principles relevant in all customer facing industries.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the services cena can offer to your business.

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