Yorkshire leading the way in hotel customer service

Yorkshire leading the way in hotel customer service

ArticlesPosted on 11th March 2013

In a recent survey Sheffield has been ranked number 1 in the UK for hotel service! Yorkshire leads the way with 3 towns in the top five rankings.

Yorkshire leading the way in hotel customer service

Through combining the results of thousands of customer reviews, hotel.info has ranked Sheffield top of all UK towns with a score of 8.46 out of 10. Not only has a Yorkshire city come first, but three out of the top five towns hail from this fine region, with Leeds and York coming third and fourth respectively.

This is fantastic news for the region, which should hopefully encourage increased numbers of tourists to the area and provide further revenue to the restaurants, bars and cafes who rely on local tourism. Sadly however, the UK as a whole is still some way behind its European neighbours, failing to even rank within the top 20 countries. Although there has been some growth in the international customer service rankings from the Nation Brand Index (NBI), where the UK has moved up from 13th in 2010 to currently being ranked 9th for its ‘welcome’, it is still clear that we have some way to go in order to be a world leading country for customer service. A large part of our recent improvement in the NBI has been due to the training and investment put in to London 2012, which has raised our profile globally and encouraged more interest in our isles as a holiday destination. We must not rest on our laurels though; continued training and investment in our industry must be maintained to see any further significant progress.

Past reasons for our issues in delivering quality service as a nation have been associated with a lack of courtesy amongst people in the industry and insufficient training in basic customer service skills. There has also been a reluctance to enter in to the industry as a career due to misconstrued ideas about limited progression and it being a second-class occupation. The later of these issues has received some public interest over recent years and has hopefully shed light on just how prosperous a career in hospitality can be for those committed to work hard and be the best. It is up to operators to ensure that those entering the industry receive the best possible start to their careers. To tackle the provision of service skills and help employees to develop the qualities required for delivering great customer service, training must play an essential role. By providing teams with the skills and knowledge to provide a great and lasting impression to customers, anticipate and meet their needs, deliver added value and effectively handle complaints, operators can build and retain repeat custom.

With customer service at the heart of everything we do in this industry, and no doubt with customer expectations increasing in light of the hotel.info survey, it must continue to be a key focus for operators hoping to grow and succeed in this tough current climate. get in touch with cena to see how we can help you improve your customer service provision; from developing/implementing induction programmes, delivering bespoke training designed around your business, though to accredited customer service courses.

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